AP Dynamics is expert in performing a large variety of stress engineering services related to piping system, pipeline, and facilities.

Based on our experience, training, and technologies, we deliver the following list of analyses:

  • Code Check per CSA, API, ASME, ABSA, BS, ISO
  • Linear and Nonlinear Structures
  • – 1D, 2D and 3D Continuum
  • – Assessments of assembled parts
  • – Optimization and lifting assessments
  • Nonlinearities: geometric, material, loads, boundary conditions
  • Material: elastic, composites, viscoelastic, visco-plastic and hyper-elastic, isotropic, anisotropic
  • Static, Thermal, and Flexibility Analysis
  • Vibration, Stability with or without Preload
  • Dynamic with or without Damping
  • – Implicit and Explicit (blasting, impact)
  • – Modal: modal superposition, spectral, harmonic and transient response
  • Mechanisms

AP Dynamics has a proven track record of helping clients with designing and optimizing complex systems, and enhancing environmental and safety performances by using leading analytical tools and methodologies.