Research and Development projects constitute an essential aspect of AP Dynamics’ activities and its culture. Building on our base of strong industrial expertise, AP Dynamics and its partners create and develop technological solutions to anticipate customers’ evolving requirements.

AP Dynamics has been applying rigorous research, experiment, and analysis to help our clients optimize the performance and extend the life of their critical assets.


Some of our work is presented in conference papers, articles, and other technical publications.

September 2022Design and Finite Element analysis (FEA) of Bulkheads For A Pipe-In-Pipe Flowline: Application Of ASME Boiler And Pressure Vessel CodeM. Shekarforoush, H. Hoorzad, M. Forcinito, and J. HothiASME 2022 14th International Pipeline ConferenceDownload
April 2022One-Dimensional Transient Model of a Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture Using Thermophysical Data: Discharging a High-Pressure Liquid into a Low-Pressure Liquid-Filled ShellE. Askari and M. ForcinitoAIChE 2022 Spring Meeting and 18th Global Congress on Process SafetyDownload
March 2022Three-Dimensional CFD Model Development and Validation for Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG): Coupling Combustion, Heat Transfer and Steam GenerationE. Askari, A. Maesen, M. Forcinito, and L. FitschyChemEngineering 2022, 6(2), 23Download
October 2021A 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamic Model to Enhance Efficiency and Predict NOx Formation in Once-Through Steam GeneratorsE. Askari, A. Maesen, M. Forcinito, and L. Fitschy2021 AFRC Virtual Industrial Combustion SymposiumDownload
April 2021CFD Modeling and Validation For Once-Through Steam Generator Using OpenFOAME. Turco Neto, E. Askari, M. Forcinito , A. Chatel , L. Fitschy, and A. MaesenEuropean Combustion Meeting 2021Download
October 20203D CFD Model Development and Validation for Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG): Coupling Combustion, Heat Transfer and Steam GenerationE. Askari, E. Turco Neto, R. Lozowy, A. Chatel, and M. Forcinito2020 AFRC Virtual Industrial Combustion SymposiumDownload
October 2020Torsional Vibration Assessment and Mitigation.D. Glavica, M. Forcinito, and S. JanssenGMRC Gas Machinery Conference 2020, Tampa, FLDownload
July 2020On the Potential for Low-Frequency Control Valve Vibrations Being Caused by Upstream Oscillating Dean VorticeR. Lozowy, M. ForcinitoASME 2020 Fluids Engineering Division Summer MeetingDownload
June 2019 Modelling Different Aspects of Once Though Steam GeneratorsA. Singha, M. ForcinitoNAFEMS World Congress 2019, Quebec City, QCDownload
June 2019Numerical Simulation of Swirling Turbulent Combustion using Open Source SoftwareR. LozowyAlberta CFD Users Meeting, Edmonton, ABDownload
September 2018Emission Characteristic Map and Optimization of NOx in 100 MW Staged Combustion Once-Through-Steam-Generator (OTSG)A. Singha, M. ForcinitoARFC Industrial Combustion Symposium, Salt Lake City, UTDownload
December 2016Prediction and Mitigation of Start-up Torsional Vibration Issues in Very High Load-Inertia Systems using Transient Torsional AnalysisJ. Fernando, M. ForcinitoWhite paper, Calgary, ABDownload
June 2016Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Of A Refractory – Root Cause AnalysisA. Singha, M. Forcinito2016 NAFEMS Americas Conference, Seattle, WADownload
June 2015Use of FE Modal Simulation to Solve Vibration Problems in a Solid-Liquid Separation CentrifugeJ. Fernando, P. Alves, R. ChuneNAFEMS World Congress, San Diego, CADownload
October 2013Development of a Physics Based Model for Machine Condition Monitoring J. Fernando, M. ForcinitoCMVA Annual Seminar, Banff, ABDownload
August 2012Structural Fault Diagnosis Of A Reciprocating Compressor Using Bond Graph ApproachE. Mollasalehi, S. A. Z. Jahromi, M. Forcinito, W. Hu, and Q. SunASME 2012 Intl Design Engineering Technical Conferences &Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE, Chicago, ILDownload
October 2010Threads and SuchM. Sereda-Mohr, P. Mayzus, P. Alves, and M. ForcinitoGMRC Gas Machinery Conference 2010, Phoenix, AZDownload
June 2008Analysis of Threaded Connection Reliability for Compression ApplicationsP. Alves, P. Tardif, P. Jensen, M. Forcinito, J. Xu, and M. Ferguson Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 49, No 6 (2010) 8-12Download
June 2008Reliability Analysis of Pressure Vessels Containing CracksJ. Xu, M. Forcinito, and P. Alves Canadian International Petroleum Conference, Calgary, ABDownload

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